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The ACT Scaling Test (AST) is a test designed by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) to facilitate the comparison of T Course scores both within and across colleges. The test measures skills necessary for success at university. The ACT BSSS brochure What's the AST? also provides useful information.

Who sits the AST?

All students who are enrolled in Year 12 and who wish to gain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank must complete all parts of the AST.
Any student enrolled in a T package in Year 12 who is unsure of what they will do after Year 12 should also sit the AST.

What makes up the AST?

The AST comprises of three papers:

  1. There will be 80 questions grouped into units, each based on a piece of stimulus material. The material is drawn from the humanities, social sciences, sciences and mathematics areas and is accessible to all senior secondary students.
  2. There will be 19 - 25 questions testing thinking and reasoning. You will be asked for interpretations, explanations and justification of responses or points of view.
  3. You will be given stimulus material on a particular topic and are then expected to write a clear argumentative essay of 600 words.

An AST result will be awarded only if you make a serious attempt at all three components of the test.

When is the AST held?

The AST is held on the first Tuesday/Wednesday of September each year.

If you would like to look at sample questions for the ACT Scaling Test, you can get them here.